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Multilingual manuals from A to Z

Writing texts and reusing them | Read more >

Manualise does not only write clear-cut texts. We also bring them together in a content management system, thus facilitating reuse of any text within the blink of an eye. Your benefits? Not only consistency in your language use and manual layout, but also less translation costs and a speedy delivery. High-quality and predictability: they both are important, in equal measure.

Clear-cut illustrations | Read more >

Manualise is well-known for its professional illustrations.  We gladly make use of any 3D illustration that you might have in store digitally. You do not keep a digital archive containing 3D illustrations? No worries, we help you creating your 3D models and extract the relevant illustrations from them.

Professional layout | Read more >

Our layout people are specialists in creating the right kind of template for your manuals, taking into account (of course!) your corporate identity. If practical issues arise, we deal with them. Take the (limited?) size of the packaging in question, or constraints in terms of (printing) costs.  We come up with the right solution without compromising the end result.

Technical translations | Read more >

Translating technical texts definitely is a craft, requiring craftsmanship from special partners who know the jargon you yourself are accustomed to. Maybe you can provide translators yourself. If not, we know where to find partners who speak your language, leading to manuals that are not only clear-cut but also geared to your target group.

Managing your manuals | Read more >

When selling a variety of products that all are accompanied by a manual in a local language, managing all those manuals can become quite a hassle. After all, if you change your product in even the slightest sense, it is also necessary to adjust the corresponding manual or – plural! – manuals. Let us take care of that job. You only have to tell us about any adjustment(s). All the rest is on us.

Visual manuals

Visualizing manuals on the basis of existing 3D models | Read more >

We are in the business of creating clear-cut vector illustrations for your manual. If available, we use your own 3D models to extract only the relevant information. After all, you want your instructions to highlight only essential info to get a job done. Does your digital database lack the relevant 3D models? Let us help you to create them, using any source material you may have available: photos, videos or 2D drawings.

Icons that are right on target | Read more >

Our graphic designers are able to convey a complex message using only a single icon. Again: let us help you, especially if creating such an icon seems a hard nut to crack. We love a challenge.

Schematics, infographics, overviews? | Read more >

Is it professional schematics you are looking for? Do you want to publish some convincing infographics? Or do you want to summarize your information in an easy-to-read overview?

We can get your message across in perfect 2D. If need be without words, that is: without borders.

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